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Off-Road Ruggedized Dome Light - Relli Technology


Head Light
Product No.
2 70008 - Technical Specifications


Head Light Suitable for Bradley – Description

The Head Light is designed to provide wide angle illumination for armored vehicles.
The design utilizes solid state technology and a constant current drive circuit to achieve a consistent power economic light output at an input voltage range of 14VDC…33VDC.
The Head Light lightweight construction is made of Aluminum, and is fully waterproofed.
The Head Light is controlled by means of 2 female connectors for High and Low intensity.

High Light output intensity is enhanced by 20%.
The Head Light is designed to meet the rigorous requirements of military ground vehicle environments.


* Light color – white.

* Illumination
High light intensity - provides >100Lux @ center line at a distance of 10m from target.
Low light intensity - provides >80Lux @ center line at a distance of 10m from target.

* Beam angle FWHM:  +8° off center line.

* Electrical connection: Female Connector MS27142-3

* Light output: Low and High intensity is enabled by 2 female connectors.

Product No. 2 70008 – Datasheet

Light Output - White

Input Voltage


Input Current

0.68A – 1.05A

Power Consumption @ 24V

25 W

Input Over Voltage Protection


Input Reverse Voltage Protection


Built-In EMI RFI Filter, Low Noise


Light Source


Light Output 

> 100Lux at @ 10m

Light Beam Angle

± 8°

Operating Temperature Range

-40°C to +71°C

Dimensions (Main Body)

100cm x 130cmm (40 x 51 inch)


1.5 Kg  (3.3 lbs)




2 Female Connectors MS27142-3 on cable


Functional Description

Left Female Connector
(viewed from behind)

(+) 14-32VDC Low Intensity

Right Female Connector
(viewed from behind) 

(+) 14-32VDC High Intensity

Fastening Bolt

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