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Off-Road Ruggedized Dome Light - Relli Technology

IDLS - Intelligent Dome Light System
Product No.
26 5015 - Technical Specifications
NSN 6220- 01- 556- 5568

Round Dome Light with Backup Battery Functionality - Description

The IDLS LED based dome light is designed to provide general purpose illumination within armored vehicles.  Two operation modes are available, WHITE light mode and CYAN (bluish-green) light mode.
The design utilizes solid state technology and a constant current drive circuit to achieve a consistent and economical light output at an input range of 16...33VDC.
The IDLS control circuitry is based on a microcontroller which controls all functionalities of the module.

Operation mode is determined by a central command box within the vehicle connected to the IDLS unit through a suitable cable.
Light intensity is controllable from 0% to 100%.
The product is designed to meet the rigorous requirements of military ground vehicle environments.


* Two light colors available – White and Cyan.

* Simple mounting – Mounted by 3 screw holes located in the base plate.

* Receptacle type – The unit utilizes two VG95234A-10SL-3PN receptacles.
"Daisy Chain" enables connection to other dome lights in the vehicle.

* Backup battery – Active while mains are disconnected or during vehicle power supply failure event.

* Dimming control – Dimming is enabled by a potentiometer located on the product.

* White illumination – At a distance of 1m from target, the lamp provides a main illumination footprint
in an area larger than 1m x 1m, with a value greater than 45Lux on 0-0 axis
dropping to 25Lux at the edges.

 * Vehicle’s battery monitoring – When the vehicle’s battery voltage falls below a predetermined value
(21.5V) the system automatically shifts to low voltage visual alert.

Product No. 26 5015 – Datasheet

Light Output - White / Cyan

Input Voltage



Input Current



Power Consumption

4.8 Watts


Input Over Voltage Protection



Input Reverse Voltage Protection



Built-In EMI RFI Filter, Low Noise



Light Source



White Light Output  (at 1 meter)

Minimum 45 Lux @ Center


Cyan Light Output (at 1 meter)

Minimum 10 Lux @ Center


Dominant Wavelength (Cyan)



Light Beam Angle



Intensity Control (White & Cyan)



Operating Temperature Range

-40°C to +71°C



112mm (4.40) 37mm (1.45)



760g   (1.70lbs)


Text Box:
Receptacle Pin-out:


Functional Description


(+) 28V Cyan Light


() Return


(+) 28V White Light



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